Help & Questions

Common Questions

Are there alternative food options?

Yes, please mention at the point of booking if you require a vegetarian option.

Will there be anyone to help during the event?

Yes, during your break there will be a representative onsite for the whole trip to assist in any way they can.

Booking On the Website

When making payments on the internet today you will often find that your bank wants to check that it’s actually you making the payment and not that someone else has got hold of your card.

In the past they did these checks indiscriminately but they are now required by law to do these checks in an effort to significantly reduce fraud.

What this means, is after you have entered your card details and have decided to make a payment, the company that takes payments for Music Holiday Breaks will show you a web page that is from your own bank or credit card company. It is different for every bank or credit card company and this is outside of our control.

Your bank or credit card company needs to confirm that it is actually you who is spending the money.

Many banks and credit card companies will assume that you have a mobile phone with an “app” installed on it for their service.

If you are not familiar with this method, instead look for the option to have them send you a code (usually a number) to your mobile phone via a text message and then you type the number back on to the web page where you are making a payment in order to complete the transaction successfully.

We know this is complicated but it applies to all online payments today, not just Music Holiday Breaks. Therefore if you have any problems we will be happy to talk you through the process over the phone or take the payment over the phone on 020 7586 2984 or 07916 315 534.